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Facts and Figures

  • 20 years of experience, almost 1000 professionals
  • Extensive network of Line Maintenance  support across Europe, Asia Pacific and the CIS.
  • Over 30 000 sq. m. fully equipped own hangars and shops
  • More than 700.000 man hours delivered in our shops worldwide
  • Up to 15 in house aircraft tear downs annually
  • Own stock of spare parts in Lithuania, Thailand, Russian Federation and USA with more than 2500 spare parts, rotables and consumable units delivered every day
  • 650 different technical training courses for more than 3000 studens with over 45.000 hours annualy.
  • More than 70 engine maintenance, repair andoverhaul cases performed annually.
  • Engineering support delivered to more than 50 aircraft daily.


E-mail: aog@fltechnics.com

Phone: +370 5 277 0011


FL Technics has implemented a project funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)