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Success stories

We believe that although raising your own specialist can be costly, it is worth every penny. Today, whilst walking down the corridors of our offices or entering one of the maintenance facilities you will meet many upper level managers or heads of departments who have once joined the company as front office assistants or junior mechanics. They all share one common trait – they have measured the company’s success as their personal success from day one.

…and while you are still in front of your computer thinking these are words only , we invite you to meet a couple of our team members who, by joining FL Technics, have not only changed their own future but also mould the future of our company on a daily basis.

Andrey BaydarovAndrey Baydarov holds an impressive industry experience of working as an aviation analyst for over 10 years now. He is a skilled project manager with great expertise in the MRO industry analysis and forecast, technical services and engine market trends as well as aviation demand and technical planning.

Andrey joined Avia Solutions Group in 2010 as an Analyst. His main responsibilities included the provision of mathematical and statistical support for multi-million engine projects, detailed financial analysis and disputes of engine overhaul and aircraft values, overall engine market analysis and forecast, monitoring market dynamics, as well as asset management. Andrey has proved to be among a few people in aviation who holds such an extensive and profound experience. Acknowledging his expertise and contribution, in 2013 Andrey was promoted to the position of Chief Engine Analyst, followed by the position of Senior Vice President for APU solutions at FL Technics. It is with his passion, experience and devotion, Andrey is leading today major engine and APU projects for both Avia Solutions Group and FL Technics customers.

In his own words: Finding a career for which you were naturally born, and then getting the chance to work hard at it, is about as near to the formula for success and happiness as is probably possible. I consider myself extremely lucky as I found it quite early.”

Juozas Lapeika, Deputy CEO for Production Management at FL TechnicsJuozas Lapeika has become the guide for business process quality management from day one at FL Technics. Juozas joined the company in 2014 as a Head of Business Processes Quality Unit while already holding extensive experience as well as certification in quality systems management. He eagerly jumped on implementing his knowledge and ideas in optimizing company resource and workflow management right from the start and proved company stakeholders the importance of effective process management as well as LEAN thinking in aircraft MRO procedures. Over the course of one year, he achieved his goal of establishing Business Processes Quality Department at FL Technics, becoming Head of Business Processes Quality Department. Little more than a year later the position was followed by an even greater recognition as he transitioned to the executive position, becoming the Deputy CEO for Production Management. Juozas continues to strive for effectiveness in every single procedure at FL Technics, overseeing multiple maintenance, repair and overhaul projects at a time.

In his own words: A human being cannot stay the same – he’s either improving or regressing and it’s places like FL Technics where people that are willing to improve – learn, change, get out of the comfort zone and take on challenges, are valued the most.

Yuriy PetruninJurijus Petruninas started working at FL Technics as an Aviation Technician straight after finishing his studies. After his journey which had taken 6 years, Jurijus finally achieved the position of a Line Stations Coordinator, and has recently become a Project Manager at FL Technics Kaunas. Yuriy Petrunin has done an excellent job at FL Technics and such recognition is well deserved.

’I have come this far in my career through sheer hard work and willingness to deal with new challenges every day. I reached the pinnacle of success due to a clear vision and determination. At FL Technics every hard-working and goal-orientated employee always gets what he truly deserves. However, achieving such success is not a simple task. It takes real guts, but it is very important not to stop halfway,’ told Jurijus.

Elena YurikElena Yurik, known for her never vanishing smile and brilliant attitude – whatever the weather! She once joined the organization as a front office administrator, but has recently decided that in the future she sees herself as a sales manager. She has expressed her wish to her superiors and in no time has become one of the most promising sales people in our Technical Training Department.

‘Even though I had a great time working in administration, I’ve always wanted to try myself in sales. This is an entirely new role for me but I am sure that with the help of my new colleagues I will do just great. I am over the moon and every morning when I wake up for work I feel as if I am more ready for the challenges laying ahead of me than I was the previous day,’ said Elena, caught rushing for yet another meeting with potential clients.


These are just a couple of our success stories. If you think that you can do no worse, why not try and make the first step towards getting your own name and a success story on this page? Tell us more about yourself today!

During his 33 years career in the MRO sector, Ignas Avizonis, who is currently working as the Head of Non Destructive Testing Laboratory at FL Technics, has achieved truly impressive results. He entered the MRO sector straight after his studies and prior to joining FL Technics Ignas had served as a shift leader, technologist, technician, maintenance engineer, reliability and diagnostics laboratory manager and NDT laboratory manager. Ignas Avizonis is highly experienced and competent in undertaking and supervising complex technical tasks in all aspects of NDT system, including NDT methods, such as eddy current level III, ultrasonic level III, magnetic particle level III, penetrant level III and thermography level II.

Throughout his career in aviation industry, Ignas has established himself as a competent, trustworthy, reliable and hard working individual with a proven track record of exceptionally high standards.

Ignas Avizonis graduated from Riga Civil Aviation Engineering Institute, the Faculty of Aviation Mechanics. According to his degree, Ignas is a qualified engineer, mechanic and powerplant & airframe maintenance specialist.

‘I cannot imagine a career more challenging or more rewarding than the one that involves NDT – particularly the NDT service sector. NDT is an exciting, fast growing and highly technologically advanced career field that is filled with opportunities,’ says Ignas.

E-mail: aog@fltechnics.com

Phone: +370 5 277 0011


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