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15 June, 2017, Vilnius, Lithuania Heads of HR Conference (by Verslo Žinios) Company’s development and HR policy: the most important tasks for the Head of HR
31 May – 1 June, 2017, London, UK ap&m Europe FL Technics Maintenance and Procurement Selection in a Commoditised Market
21-22 January , 2016 Lima, Peru MRO Latin America
3-4 February, 2016 Dubai, UAE MRO Middle East
10-11 February, 2016, Florida, USA Aero engines Americas New Technology Introduction – Preparing your Workforce, Infrastructure and Business Strategy
16-21 February, 2016 Singapore Singapore Airshow
25-26 February, 2016 Moscow, Russia MRO Russia & CIS
9-10 March, 2016 Hong Kong, Sar China Airline E&M: China & East Asia Leased or Owned? – What is the Impact on MRO Decision Making and Service Sourcing?
13-15 March, 2016 Vilnius, Lithuania Connect 2016
14-16 March, 2016 Casablanca, Morocco MRO Africa
24-25 March, 2016 Shanghai, China Aviation Parts Supply Chain Management Forum Managing engine maintenance costs and residual values
5-7 April, 2016 Dallas, Texas MRO Americas Updates and New Developments in Aero Engines
26-27 April, 2016 Abu Dhabi, UAE AIRLINE E&M: MIDDLE EAST Panel Discussion: Examining the Region’s Manpower Shortfall
11-12 May, 2016 London, UK Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance Panel Discussion: Leased Engine Maintenance Management
1-2 June, 2016 London, UK ap&m Europe: The Global MRO Procurement Expo Panel Discussion: Finding Efficiencies in the Supply Chain
8-9 June, 2016 Prague, Czech Republic MRO BEER 2016 Assessing status and trends in the BEER region
14 June, 2016 Heathrow, United Kingdom, London Cabin Refurbishment & Repair Conference Case study: challenges and pitfalls of cabin refurbishment projects
26-28 July, 2016 Bangkok, Thailand CASEA 2016 Independent MROs – promoting EASA/FAA standards in Asia
14-15 September 2016, Lisbon, Portugal Aero Engines Europe 2016 Aircraft Engine Valuation – Determining Factors and Projections
22 September 2016, Moscow, Russia MRO Innovations 2016 Implementing SaaS solution for continuing airworthiness management. Somon Air experience
28-29 September, 2016 Singapore MRO Asia
19-20 October, 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands MRO Europe
26-27 October, 2016, Charlotte, NC USA Airline E&M: North America MRO Cost Optimization and TAT – Balancing Speed, Price and Scheduling
9-10 November, 2016, Zagreb, Croatia Airlines E&M: Central, Eastern & Southern Europe Executing an Efficient Lease Re/Delivery – Checkpoints and Challenges
OEM, PMA or USM – How are Parts Sourcing Strategies Changing and how does this Reflect Airline Priorities?
Rethinking the Manpower Shortfall – Does the MRO Industry need to Evolve to Attract the Workforce it Requires?
29-30 November, 2016, Munich, Germany Annual Aviation MRO Summit Engine monitoring and predictive maintenance
2-3 February, 2015 Dubai, UAE MRO Middle East
25-26 February, 2015 Moscow, Russia MRO Russia
16-18 March, 2015 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia MRO Africa
14-16 April, 2015 Hamburg, Germany Aircraft Interiors Expo
14-16 April, 2015 Miami Beach, FL, USA MRO Americas
5-6 May, 2015 Budapest, Hungary MRO BEER: Baltics Eastern Europe & Russia
12-13 May, 2015 Jakarta, Indonesia Aviation MRO Indonesia 2015 The Impact of International Investors/Partnerships on the Development of the Aviation MRO Sector
13-14 May, 2015 London, UK Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance
26 - 28 May 2015, London, UK AP&M Europe
3-4 June 2015, Bangkok, Thailand Air Fleet Maintenance MRO landscape in fast-developing regions, current opportunities and challenges
10-11 June, 2015, London, UK Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference FL Technics MRO Software approach and Implementations
6-9 October, 2015, Munich Trade Fair, Germany FL Technics Inter Airport Europe 2015
14-15 October, 2015 London, UK MRO Europe 2015
21-22 October, 2015 Paris, France AERO-ENGINES Europe Panel: Defining ‘Best Practice’ in Engine Lease Return
3-5 November, 2015 Singapore MRO Asia 2015 Emerging MRO Markets in Asia Pacific
18-19 November, 2015 Tallinn, Estonia Airline E&M: Central & Eastern Europe and Russia Utilising New Technologies to Improve Productivity
Regional MRO Services – Struggling for Survival or Diversifying and Investing for Future Growth?
January 21-22, 2014 London AVM Summit Europe Engine Management and Utilization of PMA Parts
February 11-16, 2014 Singapore Singapore Air Show 2014
25–26 February, 2014 Moscow Aircraft Maintenance Russia & CIS
25-26 March 2014, Warsaw, Poland Managing technical aspects of a leasing asset & Maintenance reserves training seminar Fleet Support of Aircraft Spares
8-10 April, 2014 Phoenix, USA MRO Americas / MRO Military
17 April, 2014 Moscow Aircraft lease return: MRO Management & Support The Importance of Quality Document Management with Regard to Aircraft Delivery and Redelivery: Best and Worst Practices
6-8 May, 2014 London, UK ap&m The technical training taskforce / Meeting evolving customer demands
7-8 May, 2014 London Aero-Engines Europe Predictive Maintenance: Maximizing your on Wing Engine Time
2-3 June, 2014 Muscat, Oman Airline E&M: Middle East Meeting evolving customer demands
10-11 June, 2014 Warsaw MRO BEER Redefining the Maintenance Marketplace – Battle for the Aftermarket
12 June, 2014 Frankfurt, Germany Aircraft Economic Life Summit The Spare Parts market
24-26 June, 2014 London, UK MRO Network: Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance Europe Conference Engine Lease Returns
2-4 September, 2014 Singapore Airline E&M: APAC 2014 To Own or Lease – How Do Operators Manage their Asset Portfolio Strategy & What is the Impact on Operational Cost & Strategy?

APAC’s Technical Workforce Deficit – Are We Headed for a Cliff?
30 September, 2014 Moscow, Russia Non-OEM/PMA Parts: Challenges and Implementations - 2014 Lowering aircraft engine repair costs with PMA components

Aircraft Interior Modifications in compliance with EASA requirements
7-9 October, 2014 Madrid, Spain MRO Europe What’s Next for PMA Parts & DER Repairs?
14-16 October, 2014 Panama city Latin America and Caribbean Engineering & MRO Summit Recruit, train & retain - technical workforce best practice for the LATAM region
28-30 October, 2014 Belgrade, Serbia Airline E&M: Central, Eastern & Southern Europe 2014 Evolving Your Workforce – Managing Manpower Challenges

Cost Efficient Cabin Refurbishments

4-6 November, 2014 Singapore MRO Asia

February 20-21, 2013 Moscow

Aircraft Maintenance Russia and CIS 2013


February 25-27, 2013 Addis Ababa

MRO Africa 2013

PMA Parts & DER-Repairs: the potential for cost-savings in engine management

April 9-11, 2013
Aircraft Interiors Expo
April 24, 2013
Aircraft Lease Return: MRO Management & Support
May 7-9, 2013
2013 - ap&m europe

May 14-15, 2013

MRO Regional - Baltics, Eastern Europe and Russia 2013

MRO Battleground - OEMs and the Aftermarket

June 10-12, 2013 Amman

Airline Engineering and Maintenance: Middle East

The economy of the repair engine using PMA-parts and DER repairs

August 27 - September 1 Moscow



September 10-12, 2013 Singapore Airline E&M: Asia Pacific 2013 Recruiting, training & retaining
September 18, 2013 Moscow РМА Russia: Challenges and Implementations Engines Repair Savings with Use of PMA-parts and DER Repairs
September 24-26, 2013 London MRO Europe 2013 Detection and Inspection in Composite Materials

Aircraft Afterlife
October 30-31, 2013 Istanbul Aero-Engines Europe Optimising the value of an engine at the end of its lifecycle
November 13-14, 2013 Kiev Airline E&M: CEE & Russia Exploiting the region’s strength of manpower & training (Panel Discussion)
November 13-14, 2013 Kiev Airline E&M: CEE & Russia MRO facilities in Central & Eastern Europe and Russia: In-house or outsource?
November 13-14, 2013 Kiev Airline E&M: CEE & Russia The narrow body aircraft engine market overview in the CIS and Russia

February 14-19, 2012 Singapore

Singapore Airshow 2012


February 21-23, 2012, Kenya

African Aviation’s 21st Annual ‘MRO Africa’ Conference & Exhibition

The challenges for MROs and airlines in emerging markets

March 1-2, 2012 Russia

Aircraft Maintenance Russia and CIS 2012


March 14-18, 2012 India

India Aviation 2012


May 1-3, 2012 United Kingdom

AP&M Expo Europe 2012

OEM maintenance support: The winners and losers?

May 23-24, 2012 Lithuania

MRO Regional – Eastern Europe, Baltics and Russia

The MRO Quandary: Outsourcing vs. In-house capabilities

August 23-25, 2012 Russia

International Air Transport Forum (IATF)

The MRO Quandary: Outsourcing vs. In-house capabilities

October 9, 2012 Amsterdam

Aircraft Composite Repair Management Forum

Technical Training – Evolving Your Workforce

October 9-11, 2012 Amsterdam

MRO Europe 2012

Evolution of the European MRO Market

November 13-15, 2012 Singapore

MRO Asia

The MRO Dilemma – Outsourcing vs. In-House Capabilities


February 24-25, 2011, Russia

Aircraft maintenance Russia & CIS 2011

Local vs Global: is successful regional leadership possible in CIS MRO market?

October 11-13, 2011, Turkey

Airline E&M: Central & Eastern Europe Conference

Central and Eastern Europe MRO: competition bottleneck?


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