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FL Technics obtained EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for cargo carriage aircraft modification capabilities in passenger cabin

FL Technics obtained EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for cargo carriage aircraft modification capabilities in passenger cabin

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FL Technics continues decisive development of the business tailored to current and future demand in the markets. This time it’s the company’s DOA team who received an important approval of capabilities to change aircraft interior design by creating cargo carriage capacity on the passenger cabin floor.

Such aircraft modification is considered as major and requires extensive knowledge and technical expertise to be certified by EASA. However, a rigorous process of approval, that takes up to 6 months to complete, is worth the effort as it allows FL Technics to provide crucial service to airlines and lessors. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, partial cargo conversion of passenger aircraft becomes increasingly popular as operators need to opt in for freight services and support delivering goods and medical supplies worldwide. This new STC enables maximizing cargo capacity without full aircraft conversion to a freighter.

The scope of obtained certification covers one of the most popular aircraft currently in service – Boeing 737 and has already been applied in the B737-800 fleet conversion project for one of FL Technics trusted clients.

As per Liudas Jurkonis, Deputy CEO for DOA in FL Technics, – “For our organisation it is an important achievement that supports our strategic focus on providing services customised and tailored to any client needs. Also the fact that there were a total number of 50-70 applications submitted to EASA regarding this STC, and FL Technics was certified one of the first indicates both the high level of expertise of our teams as well as high demand of such modifications in the industry currently and in the future.”

Wright International - new identity and final stage of integration into FL Technics, a global MRO network

Wright International – new identity and final stage of integration into FL Technics, a global MRO network

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Wright International is excited to have launched a new identity representing decades of worldwide aircraft repair, maintenance, and overhaul (MRO) experience. The updated brand and new website design are significant in highlighting the final stages in the process of the company’s integration as part of FL Technics: a global provider of MRO services and a family member of the Avia Solutions Group, the largest aviation and aerospace company in Central and Eastern Europe.

Final stage of merger and acquisition

In the latter stages of 2020, Canadian-based Wright International entered the global MRO market by joining forces as part of the highly renowned FL Technics company. During the integration process, Wright International was able to both maintain and extend its long-term commitments with existing partners while developing strategic decision-based solutions leading to sustainable integration as a part of the global group.

“I am proud to see the decisive evolution of the business, based on a professional and entrepreneurial mindset. I am pleased to see the new logotype of Wright International has maintained our original identity elements while being modern and in line with the FL Technics group guidelines. It is a symbol of the integration of our Canadian market-specific experience into a global business.” states Mario Sturino, Wright International, President, and Director of Maintenance.

Wright International leveraging global expertise

The free-flowing exchange of unique values and know-how between both companies makes this stage of the merger process a significant milestone. The upgraded Wright International brand is part of the FL Technics commitment made in 2020 – to strengthen the company’s presence in North America and leverage global expertise while developing its operations worldwide. “It’s all about smart and insightful business development, implemented by leveraging the strengths of counterparts in building a sustainable global and independent MRO network” – Saulius Bajarunas, FL Technics, COO.

FL Technics – taking a foothold in North America

While Wright International is taking advantage of and seizing upon the benefits of being part of a global business group, FL Technics is proudly marking yet another decisive step in the company’s continued growth. This partnership is the first major business development for the European-headquartered FL Technics into North America and is marked by these new and extended agreements with strategically placed and trusted partners.

As part of this exciting new era, it is vitally important to align the values and identities of both companies while acutely matching global trends and organisational strategies. “The new brand and website represent more than an M&A deal, it is the actual integration of culture, knowledge, and know-how within the industry. I am delighted to see the fluent development of Wright International within FL Technics,” commented Zilvinas Lapinskas, FL

FL Technics Training introduces its Material Management and Logistics course in a new Virtual format

FL Technics Training introduces its Material Management and Logistics course in a new Virtual format

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FL Technics, a provider of aircraft MRO services and a subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group, announces an addition of a new training course to its Virtual training portfolio as Part-147 Training Organisation.

Since the newly developed FL Technics Logistics Solutions business line requires enhanced knowledge and expertise from the industry specialists, FL Technics Training team has introduced a new Open Class training option for those interested in the subject.

The Material Management and Logistics training course comes in a format of a Virtual classroom and is aimed at providing attendees with thorough knowledge on the requirements and processes associated with material management and logistics in civil aviation. With travel restrictions and recommendations for social distancing in place, this is an excellent opportunity to get into the subject or to develop current experience in it, without even leaving home.

The training course is conducted by Andrej Volodko, Head of Administration and Business Intelligence Unit at FL Technics. The trainer has over 10 years of teaching experience and more than 15 years of professional experience in the industry. Andrej has an abundance of active hands-on knowledge in the processes related to logistics and material management and is an expert with a wealth of practical experience to bring to the classroom.

“We are excited to make this course publicly available and accessible for individual learners interested in the topic. The course provides a solid theoretical and practical background, supported by the expertise of a renowned industry expert, bringing his hands-on experience to the course. The insider’s know-how, as well as the convenient remote training format, make this course particularly attractive for participants,” commented Diana Lisovskaja, Acting Head of Customer support and Application units at FL Technics.

The Material Management and Logistics training course is based on EC Regulations No 1321/2014 and No 748/2012; IOSA Standards Manual; IATA Guidance Material and Best Practices for Inventory Management; ATA Spec 300; CAP 562 – Leaflet D-40.

Registration is open to anyone via, with the next group scheduled for June 14, 2021.



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We recently shared some personal experience of acquiring a new company in Canada – a deal that was made without any personal contact or physical visits, and the related struggles which this entailed.

The new company became part of our largest independent line maintenance network. Such organization and infrastructure are demanding, especially nowadays. That’s why in this post I’d like to highlight some of the key challenges in the current market of line maintenance:

  • Balancing the demand for highly skilled engineers.

A crucial aspect of the business is keeping the teams and pool of contractors on-station, despite inconsistent workloads. It covers a wide range of aspects, from actual operations to maintaining basic agreements/needs, along with the personal motivation for each individual.

  • Faster than ever reaction times and ad hoc operations.

Different regulations and ever-changing restrictions in countries. Airlines and operators follow the windows of possibilities and line maintenance must be ready to get on board. Now, it is an inevitable necessity to be able to shift your personnel, assets, and tools via an on-demand basis.

  • Travel restrictions and mandatory isolation periods.

Work scope and migration planning are being put to the test as well. Mandatory longer transition periods with a high risk of “eliminating” (for several weeks) crucial team members. Every counterpart in the business is facing such risks, from us to our clients and partners.

  • Sales and commercial operations without season.

In Lithuania, there is a saying “Man plans, God Laughs”. We all had our plans and expectations, yet markets are still in the clutches of a global pandemic. Sales and commercial officers on all sides are trying to align their outlook. It is a trial for market players; are we able to commit despite uncertainty and deliver our promises upon recovery?


The key take-away, and advice if you will, would be – LEAN. There is no “silver bullet” to resolve individual challenges, yet there are proven practical examples in FL Technics, that proper processes and discipline helps. A lot.

Despite circumstances, our team moves forward supporting our clients and partners, while leveraging:

  • Established LEAN processes, this is a major part of work, even in current times
  • Individual and flexible problem solving (border-by-border, quite literally)
  • Dependable IT solutions and remote work processes

At this point, we can monitor our business data on a daily basis and react in real-time, whenever we see issues, disruption or opportunities. In fact, current LEAN principles and processes enable us to act proactively and grant optimal turn around time (TAT), as well as reducing costs to our clients all over our present network of capabilities, especially in Line Maintenance.