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We provide component and material support for airlines, MROs and other industry players. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, we offer spare parts supply, PBH solutions, AOG support, component repair, PMA solutions, supply of consumables and rotables, asset management, component lease, sale and exchange as well as other services.

Your dedicated partner in spare parts delivery globaly

With warehouses in London, Moscow, Jakarta, Singapore, Miami, Belgrade, Vilnius & Kaunas, we provide spare parts and component supply as well as repair & management services for almost any type of aircraft in your fleet. Our stock and in-house capabilities are listed in international databases. Moreover, we offer an online access to our warehouses and a possibility of e-purchases. FL Technics provides cost saving programs for airlines, including engine material management and component repair management, which includes landing gear overhaul.

Products & services

  • Sale, Exchange & Repair
  • Flight Hour Programs
  • Inventory management
    Consumables & Chemicals
  • Product Categories
  • Consumable Consignment Program
  • PMA
  • Surplus Stock Management
    Wheels and brakes
    Tools & GSE
  • Partners
  • Stock
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Sale, Exchange & Repair

We supply a wide range of aircraft components for sale, exchange and lease.
Our stock is constantly expanding due to numerous aircraft teardown projects.
In addition, we provide one-stop-shop component repair solutions covering inspection, testing, repair, overhaul and modification of all types of aircraft spare parts.
All services are provided using our in-house capabilities, as well as in partnership with a vast OEM partner network and independent EASA/FAA certified repair workshops.
Being both an MRO and flight hour service provider, FL Technics also possesses experience in engineering.

Component categories we cover:


  • Avionics
  • Electrical power
  • Interiors
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Flight Controls
  • Engine
  • Wheels and brakes
  • Auxiliary power
  • Landing gear
  • Nacelle
  • Pneumatic
  • Safety Equipment

Flight Hour Programs

Flight hour programs allow airlines to ensure timely and full-scale supply of spare parts without major investment into creating and managing own component stock. For a fixed periodic fee based on the actual amount of aircraft flight hours or component cycles, FL Technics ensures the supply of both routine and AOG parts to around 100 aircraft operated by customers from Asia-Pacific, Europe and the CIS.
Our services:


  • Component pool access
  • Dedicated home-based stock
  • Tailor-made solutions adapted to client needs
  • Wheels and brakes coverage
  • 24/7 dedicated support

Inventory management

We assist airlines, MROs, leasing companies and other industry players in managing their stock of spare parts more efficiently. With our help, you can minimise stock maintenance costs by employing surplus or unused components to generate income.


  • Lease, exchange and sale of excess inventory on behalf of the customer
  • Technical asset management
  • Teardown project management
  • Consulting
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Consumables & Chemicals

Product Categories

With our own base and line maintenance capabilities as well as comprehensive PBH and consumable support programs, we maintain an extensive stock of parts and materials in our warehouses. FL Technics partners with more than a thousand manufacturers and suppliers to maintain a warehouse network.

Product categories we cover:


  • Bearings – ball, plain, spherical, linear, rod ends, bushings
  • Chemicals – adhesives, tapes, lubricants, oil, hydraulic fluids, greases, cleaners, sealants, paint, coatings, disinfectants, insecticides, air fresheners
  • Composites – floor panels, honeycombs, cargo liners, adhesive films, prepregs, epoxy resins, fabrics – fiberglass/carbon, vacuum bags
  • Electrical – batteries, lamps (halogen, fluorescent, incandescent, micro), LEDs, connectors, igniters, relays, indicators, circuit breakers, switches, fuses, contacts, wires, cables, sleeves
  • Fasteners – screws, pins, bolts, rivets, collars, nuts, washers, hi-locks (standards: MS, BAC, NAS, ABS, ASNA, EN, NSA, etc.)
  • Filters – elements, cartridges, filter kits, indicators, assemblies for hydraulic, fuel, oil, air and other applications
  • Interior – seats, upholstery, lavatory, galley, IFE, crew rest, wardrobes, baby bassinets, class dividers, partitions, windscreens, trolleys, carpets, curtains, PSU, seat tracks, seat track covers
  • Metals – alloys: aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, nickel, bronze & specialized metals (sheets, extrusions, rolls, bars, tubes, etc.)
  • Seals – wide range of sealing solutions – o-rings, gaskets, retainers, packings
  • Placards & livery –aircraft interior and exterior products, full aircraft kits, decals, mandatory markings, aircraft registration, painting stencils, photo luminescent solutions
  • Safety equipment – safety belts, life vests, escape slides, rafts, first aid kits, fire and overheat detectors, oxygen system – crew and passengers masks, cylinders, Portable Breathing Equipment (PBE)
  • Structure – windows, beams, nacelle and thrust reversers parts, blankets, actuators, rub strips, flaps, slats, wedges, tracks, brackets, doors, panels, latches, chords, stiffeners

Consumable Consignment Program

Consumable provision and management is a complicated process that takes time and expertise to perfect. It can be very stressful and result in lengthy delays and high costs.

FL Technics Spare Parts provides single source procurement for all your consumable needs. Our services:


  • Consumable planning/provision
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory control
  • Asset management
  • Storage and logistics

Benefits of FL Technics Spare Parts consignment program:

  • Decreased inventory and transaction costs due to pre-define quantities of contracted parts at our warehouses or client’s premises
  • Streamlined logistics and timely stock replenishment helps to improve efficiency
  • Single supplier and designated account manager essentially improves service levels and equals time savings
  • Tailor-made solutions and flexibility meets your unique demands


In partnership with the world’s largest manufacturers of FAA approved PMA replacement parts we are able to offer high quality and cost effective solutions. Advantages of using PMA parts provided by FL Technics Spare Parts:


  • Significant savings over the equivalent OEM part
  • Extensive stock availability and shorter lead times
  • Improved part reliability, product improvements not justified by the OEM’s cost/benefit analysis
  • Additional parts being added continuously

What is a PMA parts?

Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) is a combined design and production approval issued for modification and replacement articles. It allows a manufacturer to produce and sell these articles for installation on type certificated products. Types of PMA:

1. Identically by license agreement – the OEM licenses the manufacturer to produce and sell the part according to their design data

2. Identically – a PMA company has access to the critical information (drawings, tooling etc.) to prove that the company can manufacture an identical part to the OEM part, but this occurs without an agreement with the OEM

3. Test and computation – manufacturer uses required analysis and test data to prove the part is equivalent to or better than the approved original OEM part

4. Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) – a design approval for a major change to the type design of an aircraft.

EASA has documented how an approval can be issued by the agency to an organisation under the regulatory oversight of the FAA for a part designed under their PMA system. Refer to EASA policy in ED Decision 2007/003/C.

Surplus Stock Management

With over 20 years of experience in aircraft MRO, FL Technics Spare Parts knows exactly how surplus stock can take a toll on finances and take valuable storage space. We are ready to turn your surplus stock into cash. Moreover, we are ready to offer ways to buy aircraft parts cheaper as well as to fully manage your surplus stock. FL Technics surplus stock management services:


  • Surplus stock sales
  • Evaluation of stock
  • Analysis, inspection, logistics
  • Consignment at own warehouse
  • Stock marketing
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Wheels and brakes

FL Technics Spare Parts’ wheels and brakes workshop was opened in early 90’s and with more than 100 years of combined expertise between our professionals, we can provide custom solutions for airline operators as well as flat rate or flight cycle programs. Currently, FL Technics’ fitted wheels and brakes can be found on airplanes all over the world.

Additionally, we provide retrofitting solutions, especially appealing for those clients who have fleet with different OEM’s components. FL Technics Spare Parts’ services:


  • Flat rate solutions
  • Flight cycle programs
  • Custom solutions
  • Component pool lease
  • Retrofit solutions
  • OEM and PMA solutions
  • Wheels and brakes logistical solutions
  • Outright, exchange, loan and lease solutions of wheels, brakes and tires with 24/7 AOG deliveries
  • Unlimited warranty for services

With vast experience in providing services for Airbus A320/321 and Boeing 737 aircraft, FL Technics Spare Parts also services other aircraft types.

Request for our capability list.

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Tools & GSE

Being specialists in the sales of ground support and maintenance equipment to the aerospace industry for all types of aircraft, FL Technics Spare Parts is ready to offer help in sourcing quality products for your commercial fleet and maintenance team. Our services include:

  • Sale from stock
  • Short & long-term loan
  • Load testing & calibration
  • Repair & upgrade
  • Project consulting & technical support
  • Assistance in new tool design & manufacturing


Range of products we cover together with our manufacturing partners:


Ground Support Equipment (GSE):

  • Tripod & axle jacks
  • Tow bars
  • Fluid dispensers
  • Nitrogen carts & backpacks
  • Access platforms, stairs & docking systems
  • Cradles & servicing trolleys


Engine stands & engine maintenance tooling for:

  • CFM International
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • General Electric (GE)
  • International Aero Engines (IAE)


Line, base maintenance tools & equipment for:

  • Avionics repair
  • Mechanical & structure repair
  • Component maintenance
  • Composite repairs
  • Expendable tools & consumable materials


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) tooling & equipment for:

  • Penetrant testing
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Eddy current testing
  • Radiographic testing
  • Borescopes and accessories
  • Infrared testing
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Every day our customer support and sales teams work with dozens of airlines, maintenance providers and repair shops from Europe, the CIS, Asia Pacific and other regions to provide our  partners and clients with valuable spare parts. We are constantly developing our component solutions and are always open to new partnerships with parts manufacturers and suppliers.


Today, we are proud partners and distributors for the following organizations:


FL Technics Spare Parts ensures high quality, reliability and availability by stocking parts and materials from wide range of renowned industry manufacturers.


Partner list:

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We understand that timely supply of components, equipment and other materials plays a vital role in ensuring high performance of any aviation company. Being a major spare parts consumer, we have developed our own logistics network that ensures prompt component delivery to any location worldwide. We are ready to share this network with our customers to assist them with their daily and AOG logistic needs. FL Technics Spare Parts offers:

  • AOG delivery
  • Routine shipments
  • Hazardous freight and oversize cargo logistics
  • Aircraft engine logistics
  • Production of special boxes for components
  • Export and import customs clearance
  • Environmentally friendly warehousing and storage
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