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January 2022

FL Technics Engines Services receives ISO EN 9110:2018 certification to maintain CFM family engines

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Aviation startup business, launched on the eve of the pandemic, has just proven the capacity to grow, in terms of operations and quality. FL Technics Engine Services has recently received ISO EN 9110:2018 approval, certifying teams’ operations to serve CFM family engines at full scale, including repair, replacement, installation, rectification, and preservation services.

Provided at the FL Technics base maintenance and hub painting location, such service creates a unique value for aviation operators and lessors to leverage benefits, with an opportunity to align business interests. Would it be a full-scale aircraft remarketing project, or a partial asset management case.

Lithuania-based quick-turn engine shop has proven its capabilities to deliver projects, ranging from minor repairs to through-out inspections and overhaul work packs, at a global level, both in terms of quality and capacity. With flexible and exquisite support from FL Technics, including services of asset management, trading, and logistics, the team is ready to tackle projects of any size.

Valerij Deveikis, CEO at FL Technics Engine Services, commented the achievement: “Business development is based on resilience and ability to focus on prospects, despite the circumstances. That is the case demonstrated by our team at FL Technics Engine Services, who has proven excellence and expertise in aircraft engines’ maintenance during 2021 and has been awarded with ISO EN 9110:2018 certification. This is a solid proof of capacity and capabilities we possess for future development in 2022 and beyond.”

FL Technics highlights from 2021 – hinting the course for the future

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Looking back at recent years, I can proudly state that FL Technics and our subsidiaries managed to develop in every viable way, from new business lines and partnerships to quality improvements and certifications. In fact, 2021 hints our future growth ambitions, following the long-term strategy, and here are some examples of such milestones that actually define the course of future developments of FL Technics.

Mergers and acquisitions – leveraging the scale of our group

We entered 2021 with merger project as FL Technics acquired Canadian aircraft line maintenance service provider – Wright International. The milestone marked the first time when our group company took the foothold in North America.

Yet, not only was it a symbolic achievement, but it also proven our expertise and value FL Technics brings to the markets, as our team aims to leverage the potential of recent investor from the United States of America, the Certares, to expand our business and future developments of operation in the region.

Long-term partnerships to establish unique value propositions

The growth of any organization is not possible without strong and dependable partners. A statement proven in decades, just as it was in 2021, when on the course of the year FL Technics secured a range of various projects and contracts to deliver unique value, both to our partners and clients. From state-of-the-art aircraft redelivery hub established with MAAS Aviation in Kaunas, Lithuania, to long-term partnership with Meggitt signed at MRO Europe in Amsterdam, and to recently announced cooperation with US-based SET AERO team. To name a few, these are the examples of our team commitment to deliver reliable MRO services, that are supported and trusted by major companies worldwide.

This course will remain one of our focuses in 2022 and beyond, thus my message here is – FL Technics is open and capable to create mutual tailor-made solutions at any area of MRO business, would it be maintenance, high-value asset trading, DOA, logistics, CAMO, training services, etc. – let us stay connected.

Investment in own capacity and capability

Here at FL Technics, we are building our business on the expertise and capabilities of our teams and the best examples of such growth are the cases when “startup” operations become full-fledged business units, just like our team of logistics solutions, who at this point delivers full-scale integrated logistics solutions, or FL Technics Engine Services crew, who are aiming to move into a new facility by the end of the first quarter of this year, expanding their capacity and capabilities to services CFM family engines.

All the developments are boosted by ever-improving quality of our processes and operations, as the LEAN-based approach allows even the smallest teams to implement and leverage best practices, certified under global ISO standards, international and regional approvals and own mindset continuous improvement.

Emerge of the global brand

While digging deeper into the events and milestones in 2020-2021, FL Technics’ subsidiaries have grown as well, as Storm Aviation acquired UK-based Chevron Technical Services and Aircraft Maintenance team. Such developments are now shaping the new scale of our global MRO business as we provide and leverage unique market expertise in new regions, sharing the best practices and know-how with people we trust.

Growth of such scale requires grant for consistency and continuity of current and future developments; thus, you will be witnessing some major shifts in our brand positioning in future as leading independent and global MRO service provider.

New partnership in MRO industry: FL Technics partners with SETAERO to deliver tailor-made solutions for aircraft parts and materials

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As evidence of the long-lasting business and reliability of the two companies, a new partnership agreement was signed between FL Technics, a global independent MRO service provider, and SETAERO, a leading organisation providing repair services for aircraft parts and composites.

The scope of the agreement covers advanced maintenance and repair services integrated with a vast network of FL Technics’ asset trading and management, forming a unique portfolio of tailor-made solutions to repair, supply, and maintain airframes, flight surfaces and nacelles. All these components can be scaled and specialised based on clients’ aircraft type, fleet size and geography of operations worldwide. This is a unique business case strengthening positions of both companies in the market and creating new opportunities to meet the ever-shifting needs of clients across the globe.

Teams behind the milestone boast vast expertise in managing aircraft components and materials, to provide tailored services to the customers. Thus, as off the start of cooperation, the two companies will leverage owned and shared expertise as well as resources to deliver specialised off-the-shelf solutions and products for airlines and operators.

Julius Bogusevicius, Head of Engine, Airframe and Materials Services at FL Technics, comments on the milestone: “FL Technics continues decisive expansion of capacity and capabilities as a global one-stop-shop MRO service provider. In current global circumstances, flexible and efficient supply chain solutions for aircraft parts and materials are one of the key elements for success. Thus, the contract is a strategic achievement strengthening our leading position, pushing us towards future business growth and development.”

David Londono, the owner of SETAERO Comments: “This agreement is an essential part of our mission to build strong partnerships based on trust and performance. This cooperation drives our mutual goals and aligns our strategies. We are pleased to be a partner of FL Technics and are looking forward to making this venture a success.”

This contract marks an important new stage in mutual business development of both companies and is aimed at meeting the growing demand for tailor-made services within the aviation industry and, more specifically, supply chain and trading of aircraft parts and materials, as recovering markets focus on reliable and efficient supply chain solutions to maintain fleets flying in the post-pandemic era.