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FL Technics Becomes the First Sole Independent AMO Service Provider at Abu Dhabi Terminal A

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Abu Dhabi – FL Technics, a globally recognized aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services provider, proudly asserts its position as  inaugural and the first independent AMO (Aircraft Maintenance Organization) service provider at Abu Dhabi Terminal A. This milestone underscores FL Technics’ expertise and potential in the region, offering a comprehensive suite of GCAA-certified AMO solutions to airlines operating from this strategic hub.

The First Independent MRO at Terminal A: FL Technics stands as the first, and currently only independent AMO service provider at the prestigious Abu Dhabi Terminal A, reinforcing its commitment to deliver quality maintenance services to the aviation community in Abu Dhabi and across the region. This exclusive position gives FL Technics a key player role to meet the diverse needs of airlines seeking top-tier AMO solutions. Being an independent AMO services provider enables FL Technics to offer tailored and on-demand solutions, prioritizing the needs of the clients and ensuring the most efficient TATs (turn-around-times), and bespoke quality.

Strategic Hub for Regional Aviation: Operating from Terminal A, FL Technics leverages its strategic position to offer a wide array of AMO services focused on the narrow-body (NB) commercial aircraft operating in the region. The airport’s central location and FL Technics’ expertise create a symbiotic relationship, enhancing operational efficiency and contributing to the growth of the local aviation ecosystem. Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technics, emphasizes the synergy:

“Just as the launch of the new Terminal A earlier last month was a strategic milestone for the United Arab Emirates and, in fact, for the entire GCC aviation industry, this development is important for FL Technics to mark a new stage of our growth in the region and establishing the leading position as an independent AMO, certified by the GCAA and trusted by our partners. Proud of our teams committed to continuous development to meet the ever-growing demand from airlines and lessors.”

Comprehensive Expertise: FL Technics brings a wealth of experience and comprehensive expertise to the forefront. With a proven history in delivering reliable and cost-effective MRO global solutions, the company is well-equipped to cater to the diverse needs of airlines operating from Abu Dhabi. From routine line maintenance to specialized maintenance tasks, FL Technics offers a full spectrum of services (Borescope, Engine Wash, weighing, etc.). The establishment of the operations at the location is backed by sustainable existing and future business developments as well as successful operations, including partnerships  the Wizz Air and Saudia Airlines, to which FL Technics provides (respectively) line and base* maintenance solutions.

Commitment to Quality and Safety: As an independent AMO provider at Terminal A, FL Technics upholds the highest standards of quality, safety, and regulatory compliance. This commitment ensures that airlines entrusting their fleet to FL Technics receive meticulous and reliable maintenance solutions, contributing to the airworthiness and longevity of their aircraft. Capacity and capabilities certified by local GCAA organization grants bespoke yet flexible array of solutions for regional and international operators in the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Gateway to Regional Expansion and Beyond: FL Technics’ presence at Abu Dhabi Terminal A serves as a gateway to regional expansion. The company looks forward to building enduring partnerships with airlines from the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia, offering them the benefits of its extensive capabilities, efficient operations, and commitment to excellence. FL Technics anticipates a dynamic future as the exclusive independent AMO provider at Abu Dhabi Terminal A and beyond with projected expansion of the capabilities, including additional aircraft types, such as Boeing B737 NG fitted, with CFM56 engines and B737 MAX aircraft. Furthermore, the company is set to extend its capacity looking into the first quarter of 2024, by becoming an EASA certified organization, transferring all aircraft capabilities currently approved by GCAA.

FL Technics is part of Avia Solutions Group, the world’s largest ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) provider with more than 197 aircraft fleet.

For further information and updates, please visit FL Technics Website.

*: Base maintenance is done in other FLT Maintenance Hub.

FL Technics Recognised as Top Employer for 2023

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FL Technics, the renowned global leader in aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, successfully put the company vision – being the 1st choice for People, Partners, and Society – on a test and has proven the commitment by attaining prestigious certificate as Top Employer of 2023. This recognition, awarded by the Top Employers Institute, reflects FL Technics’ continuous effort and investments to create a great work environment and ensure the wellbeing of the ever-growing team in Lithuania and across the globe.

The Top Employers Institute carefully assesses how companies manage their employees. FL Technics has long been known as a reliable partner in the aviation industry with a global presence, including MRO hubs and offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, and Indonesia. Now, receiving the Top Employer certification highlights the company’s outstanding qualities in creating a positive work environment.

Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technics, underscored that this certificate stands as a significant milestone in the company’s continuous journey towards achieving this ambitious goal by saying, “This recognition holds immense value for our company, symbolising our unwavering dedication to the aviation industry, not only from a business perspective but also as an employer deeply committed to our employees.”

For years, as part of company’s ongoing efforts to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of employees, FL Technics regularly conducts engagement and satisfaction surveys. These surveys have provided invaluable insights, revealing that, alongside finding meaning at work, one of the strongest and most highly evaluated aspects within organization is strong leadership, which serves as the fundamental cornerstone for employees’ growth, development, and ultimate success. Company’s leaders provide guidance, support, and coaching, enabling other team members to flourish in their roles, continually develop employee’s skills, and radiate with confidence in their abilities.

A cornerstone of FL Technics’ success is its ongoing investment in employee training and professional development. Remarkably, around 10% of employees embark on internal career trajectories within the organization, underscoring the company’s dedication to nurturing its own talent pool.

In the year 2023, FL Technics welcomed over 200 talented individuals into its workforce, reinforcing the company’s standing in various markets while simultaneously nurturing fresh talents and cultivating a pool of aviation field professionals and experts. These strategic additions have not only enriched entire team but have also validated organization’s commitment to talent development.

According to Zilvinas Lapinskas, “Our people are at the core of our success, and the way we nurture and support them plays a pivotal role in our business accomplishments. I firmly believe that it is only in a safe and motivational environment that individuals can unlock their full potential, encourage them to continuously learn, and grow both professionally and personally. Above all, this accolade serves as a beacon, illuminating the potential that awaits all our prospective candidates within FL Technics and its subsidiaries.”

The attainment of the Top Employer certification reaffirms the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing a workplace that fosters growth, innovation, and excellence.

FL Technics is part of Avia Solutions Group, the world’s largest ACMI provider, operating a fleet of 192 passenger and cargo aircraft worldwide.

FL Technics Certified by United Kingdom’s CAA to Provide Maintenance Services for CFM56 Engines

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FL Technics, a leading aircraft maintenance solutions company, has achieved a new milestone by securing certification from the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom (UK CAA) to extend its Part-145 maintenance capabilities to the CFM56 family of engines. This accomplishment complements FL Technics’ existing approvals from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for engine repairs conducted at its facility in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Valerij Deveikis, CEO of FL Technics Engine Services, highlighted the importance of this achievement, “Our team is focused on sustainable business development, which requires consistency in operations as well as improvement, thus I trust that this new certification by the UK CAA will strengthen FL Technics Engine Services’ position in the market. Together with the whole FL Technics group, we are now ready to provide even more tailored and efficient engine solutions in our quick-turn engine shop in Kaunas, Lithuania.”

Located near the Kaunas International Airport (KUN), where FL Technics operates its own MRO hangar next to the aircraft painting facility, FL Technics Engine Services is an integral part of the comprehensive MRO hub for the region. The team supports clients and partners in various business cases, including aircraft delivery projects, engine sales, trade contracts, and of course engine repair and teardown projects.

Clive Rankin, Head of Engines Programs in FL Technics, further elaborates, “Supply and demand in the market is particularly tense for aircraft engines, as airlines and lessors are motivated to have as many aircraft airborne as possible. As a result, aircraft engines have become the most valuable asset to source in the market. Our new certification broadens the range of opportunities to service and supply engines not only within EASA and FAA regulated markets but now also allowing us to supply our customers with solutions in the UK market.”

FL Technics is part of Avia Solutions Group, one of the world’s largest ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) providers with more than 180 aircraft. The Group also provides various aviation services such as MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul), pilots and crew training, ground handling, and other interconnected solutions. Over 11,500 highly skilled aviation professionals back Avia Solutions Group worldwide.


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FL Technics Indonesia (PT Avia Technics Dirgantara), a subsidiary of FL Technics, a leading aircraft maintenance solutions group, and PT Angkasa Pura Properti, together with PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero), starts the development of 17,000 sq. m. aircraft MRO hub, the first at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) in Bali. FL Technics is set to invest US$25 million in the initial stage to undertake an MRO construction and development project set to be finished in a year.

The new infrastructure will have a hangar with 6 bays to maintain narrow-body aircraft, supported by purpose-built production shops and offices.

The milestone marks rapid and sustainable FL Technics development in strategic regions, driven by the global growth of travel demand, in this case, led by the aviation industry surplus from Australia and major markets in Asia and beyond.

Director of FL Technics Indonesia, Martynas Grigas, emphasises the significance of the new project from a business and regional perspective: “FL Technics is expanding across the globe, entering new continents, yet not losing the focus on key markets. We strengthen our positions by investing in infrastructure, business operations, people, and society itself. I am confident FL Technics’ experience, resources, and expertise will grant the success of the project in Bali – our partners will benefit from a global independent MRO network, the industry will gain access to our solutions approved by FAA, EASA, and CASA, while the region will be provided with more than 500 new jobs, as well as new travel, cargo, and trading opportunities.”

The significance of the new project for both the industry and the economy is clear, as it will be developed under joint operations agreement – KSO (Kerja Sama Operasi) – between three counterparts with long-term commitments to the region and Indonesia itself. The KSO agreement has been signed by the Director of FL Technics Indonesia, Martynas Grigas; President Director of PT Angkasa Pura Properti, Ristiyanto Eko Wibowo; and Commercial & Service Director of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero), Dendi T. Danianto at PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) Head Office, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

The I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) is already a crucial aviation hub in the region, with enormous potential for growth as local and global investment continues. PT Angkasa Pura Properti team identified this potential and committed to representing the best interest of the region and the industries involved, to grant success of the new development.

“This is a form of our support for the national aviation industry, especially with PT Angkasa Pura I. With traffic at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, which continues to increase after the pandemic, this MRO will help airlines increase efficiency and effectiveness in running their business. This is also facility one form of optimising the mainland that we continue to carry out,” said the Director of PT Angkasa Pura Properti, Ristiyanto Eko, Wibowo.

Mutual effort, sealed by KSO agreement, confirms the strong commitment of the partners to grow the aviation industry as well as to contribute to the growth of the economy and well-being of the country and region itself. FL Technics Indonesia’s support and partnership with PT Angkasa Pura Properti and PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) show a solid synergy to sustain and develop the national aviation industry, maintain high safety and service standards, and build Indonesia’s reputation as an attractive tourist and business destination.

This new facility will be a great addition to the existing global independent FL Technics’ MRO network, which includes current base maintenance hangars in Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas International Airports), the United Kingdom (London, Stansted International Airport), Scotland (Prestwick International Airport), Indonesia (Jakarta International Airport), and newly planned facility in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana International Airport).

This new strategic development is backed by Avia Solutions Group, the parent company of FL Technics, which is one of the world’s largest ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) providers with more than 180 aircraft in its fleet, operating in all continents in the world. Outside the MRO and ACMI solutions, the group also provides various aviation services such as pilot and crew training, ground handling and other interconnected services.

FL Technics to Establish 20 000 sq. m. Hangar in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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FL Technics, a leading aircraft maintenance solutions company, has started the establishment of new MRO infrastructure in Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ), the second-busiest airport in the Caribbean. Once the first stage of the development is finished, facilities will include 5 bays for base maintenance operations including a complex of full-fledged supporting shops. Including the hangar and bays facility of 20,000 sq. m., the total area of the new infrastructure will be 52,000 sq. m.  The construction process will take up to two years and marks FL Technics’ commitment to developing the existing global independent MRO network, including current base maintenance hangars in Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas International Airports), the United Kingdom (London, Stansted International Airport), Scotland (Prestwick International Airport), and Indonesia (Jakarta International Airport), and with the new facility in Dominican Republic, FL Technics owned MRO hangar space will be totalling 86,000 sq. m.

With a physical MRO hub in the region FL Technics is aiming to support the growing fleet of narrow-body aircraft operated in the Americas, as the company will leverage its global expertise and Part-145 capabilities certified by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). The company plans to provide both base and line maintenance services in the new hub.

Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technics, commented on the development: “This expansion is our first physical base maintenance foothold in the region, following the existing FL Technics operations in the Americas, including line maintenance network in Canada. It is a decisive investment as we aim to provide comprehensive MRO solutions to create long-term partnerships and a base for other future developments in the continent.”

With further investments across the Americas in mind, the Punta Cana project itself is also set for future development as the infrastructure includes plans for an additional 7 bays in the second phase totalling a hub of 12 bays, as a result – providing crucial addition to the capacity of base maintenance slots in the growing region.

“We are pleased to announce our strategic alliance with FL Technics to offer world-class MRO services at Punta Cana International Airport and Punta Cana Free Trade Zone. With this strategic alliance, airport customers will have access to a wide range of aircraft maintenance and repair services, including scheduled inspections, component repairs, cabin modifications, and painting, among others,” said Giovanni Rainieri, Airside Operations Director at Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ).

Saulius Bajarunas, COO of FL Technics, further comments on the project, as he emphasises the enormous potential the teams bring to the Americas: “Strategic and operational business development requires meticulous planning and evaluation, especially when it comes to complex projects in new markets. I trust this new infrastructure will become the foundation for future expansion of the new MRO hub, as the FL Technics team will apply best practices already proven successful in other continents.”

Such strategic developments are backed by Avia Solutions Group, parent company of FL Technics, which is one of the world’s largest ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance) providers with more than 180 aircraft in its fleet, operating in all continents in the world. Outside the MRO and ACMI solutions, the group also provides various aviation services such as pilot and crew training, ground handling and other interconnected services. However, ACMI and MRO synergy is one of the key aspects driving growth and prospects in the Americas, as both businesses support each other by offering a range of flexible services for the partners inside and outside the region, with tailored solutions to meet the demands impacted and defined by diverse seasonality of cargo and commercial flight.

FL Technics starts providing CAMO solutions for Airbus A220 fleet of Bulgaria Air

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FL Technics, the global independent MRO solutions provider, and Bulgaria Air, the national flag carrier of the Republic of Bulgaria, starts a new partnership. As the airline invests in the new generation aircraft FL Technics will provide CAMO services to maintain the whole operator fleet, including the newly added Airbus A220.

Aircraft stakeholders alike are focusing on sustainable and efficient business development involving modern technologies, next-generation aircraft, and LEAN management of the projects. The process’s success lies in the tremendous effort to align capacity, capabilities, and long-term planning. This is the reason both companies consider this partnership as an important milestone, setting the stage for future growth and progress towards more efficient and environmentally friendly operations.

Oleksandr Kulyk, Deputy CEO for Engineering at FL Technics, emphasises the importance of continuous improvement: “Here at FL Technics, we aim to have competitive advantages when it comes to competence and capabilities towards future development. We invest in people and resources to meet the demand of the market and be able to provide CAMO and other engineering solutions for the new and upcoming fleets. I am glad to see such commitment transforms into sustainable business partnerships such as this new contract with Bulgaria Air.”

Next-generation aircraft is a formidable investment — it takes various resources, including expertise and continuous improvement to maintain them. Nevertheless, it is a worthy step to make, resulting in a reduced impact on the environment and a more sustainable future.

FL Technics is part of the Avia Solutions Group, one of the world’s largest ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) providers, with a fleet of 180 aircraft. The group provides a range of aviation services including, MRO, pilot and crew training, ground handling, as well as a variety of associated services.

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