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FL Technics Engine Services add services to become one-stop-shop for CFM56 family engine repair

FL Technics Engine Services add services to become one-stop-shop for CFM56 family engine repair

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Following a successful start of operations in late last year, FL Technics Engine Services, subsidiary of FL Technics, Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) organisation, announces the addition of more EASA Part 145 approved services for engine repair and maintenance.

In addition to previously available services that include Engine external examination, boreblending, engine preservation and storage services, QEC/LRU removal and installation, top case repair, and lease return services, FL Technics Engine Services will now offer its clients the full scope of crucial services for CFM56 family engines, related to Fan, Hot Section and Low-pressure turbine repair. The newly added services will be provided at a brand new fully authorised 3-bay quick-turn activities engine shop located at KUN/FEZ, next to FL Technics Base Maintenance hangar, offering clients a convenient one-stop-shop experience.

“We are extremely pleased with this achievement that would have not been possible without significant efforts from our team and Transport Competence Agency (TCA). The addition of services allows us to offer and deliver tailor-made solutions to customers in a timely and convenient manner,” commented Valerij Deveikis, Chief Executive Officer at FL Technics Engine Services.

“The addition of new services is a great development to our subsidiary FL Technics Engine Services and marks a major milestone towards strategic development of FL Technics as a leading one-stop-shop MRO service provider. We are proud of the experienced team that made this happen,” said Zilvinas Lapinskas, Chief Executive Officer at FL Technics.

FL Technics Engine Services quick turn engine shop opened its doors last year and now allows customers to optimise their engines’ Time on Wing (ToW), simultaneously optimising and minimising costs using the full scope of FL Technics Engine Services and FL Technics one-stop MRO services.



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What is the strangest remote project that you’ve completed during the pandemic?

Sure, COVID19 brought a new ‘normal’ to our regular routines, from remote daily standups with teams to participation in virtual conferences. But there must be something truly out-of-scale?

To me it was the recent #M&A deal – the acquisition of Canadian ‘Wright International’ – that was scouted, evaluated, negotiated, and closed without any actual contact in person. There were no physical trips to the facilities, no face-to-face discussions, or any other ‘personal’ stages, which are usual in the normal merger and acquisition processes.


Despite being future-driven, aviation is still, for the most part, a conservative industry. Historically, organizations and aerospace top management are somewhat used to highly cautious and personal ways of doing business.

This brings the first challenge; actually, finding the correct company keen to start the discussion towards the deal of a merger or acquisition.

Despite being the longest stage in the process, on this occasion, it became one of the most rewarding, as we got the opportunity to know better the highly respected founder of the company, who has been leading the operations of Wright International for decades. Mario boasts a bright and open mind that led our companies into the deal. And yes, we were communicating via virtual meetings and calls, while discussing all of the details and possible outcomes in between.


The company in question has decades of expertise in the aviation industry; providing dependable line maintenance services to major airlines and operators in Canada and North America. This meant that a lot of historical account information, logs of operations, archives, etc. were stored in physical formats and only partially digitized.

At this stage, the key challenge to the team and me was to collect all relevant data in order to evaluate and background-check the potential deal.

In addition, all the equipment, facilities and other tangible assets had to be evaluated remotely or by trusted partners abroad (via live video broadcasts and examinations). Despite the risk of partially ‘hidden’ information and remote assets, with the support of colleagues, including Daumantas Mockus, his team, and partners, we decided to proceed to the next stage.


Typically, when it comes to business deals in aviation we are used to negotiations 1-on-1, 3-on-3, or 1-on-15 in harder cases. It is challenging but yet rewarding.

The tone of voice, arguments in place, speed and pace, body language, and everything in between comes into play when playing for high stakes.

And now we have Zoom. Communication at a distance, without the actual look and feel of the person you are talking to. Losing, or partially reducing the key components in any negotiation makes the process even harder and longer, and necessitates the extensive use of emails and calls. Not to mention all of the technical issues, lag, and connection problems that may arise.


With SPA (Share and Purchase Agreement) in place, we reached the final stage of the merger – typically, it is a time when I would intrinsically know if both sides are happy with the outcome. Through personal meetings and the signing of the final signatures, it is easy to fully ascertain if all of the efforts have paid off. However, in this instance, the deal was closed virtually and without any physical presence whatsoever.

First time ever, I have approved final documents and welcomed a new member into our Group’s family, online and remotely.

This is the new normal, yet comes with the strange feeling of being a virtual milestone and a process that has now become part of the largest independent line maintenance network worldwide.

We are yet again exploring new frontiers and I will be sharing more updates in near future.

FL Technics launches Logistics Solutions as a full-scale service in the global transportation market

FL Technics launches Logistics Solutions as a full-scale service in the global transportation market

By News

FL Technics, a global provider of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, announces about the development of a new business line in FL Technics – FL Technics Logistics Solutions. The newly established separate business unit will provide a range of services not only to other departments of the company, but also to outside customers, with a key focus to aerospace industry.

A wide portfolio of services, provided by FL Technics Logistics Solutions, will include air cargo, charter services, high-value and urgency cargo transportation (pharmaceuticals, electronics, photonics, lasers, diversified chemicals, and aircraft parts), oversized cargo transportation, dangerous goods and partial cargo freight, customs brokerage, cargo insurance, storage services, integrated freight solutions (air, land, sea), time critical and door-to-door transportation and more.

As part of the development, FL Technics acquired IATA (International Air Transport Association) certificate for freight operations, enabling the company to optimise supply chain solutions, eliminate part of brokerage services and third-party costs. Additionally, FL Technics became a member of an international WCA (World Cargo Alliance) network, a global network of companies providing logistics services, and is now offering complex freight services to clients worldwide.

FL Technics Logistics Solutions has already begun its operations and has recently conducted their largest door-to-door delivery conducted in 2021. In just 6 days, two CFM56 aircraft engines were successfully transported from Manila, Philippines to Dublin, Ireland, thanks to the team’s precise planning, strict management, and a network of trusted partners. The engines were transported by air, land and sea, allowing FL Technics Logistics Solutions to show off the full scope of services.

“It is an exciting development for FL Technics. The growing range of services, provided by our teams allows us to be the best choice for clients in any situation – from aircraft maintenance to logistics solutions. FL Technics Logistics Solutions’ team has already proven its professionalism and has received positive feedback from clients, so we are sure this new business unit will be a successful part of the company,” commented Saulius Bajarunas, COO at FL Technics.

“We are delighted with the successful launch of our new business line – FL Technics Logistics Solutions. As the market and clients’ needs are constantly changing, to remain the top choice for the industry leaders we are constantly growing our range of services. We are excited to see what kind of new challenges and victories FL Technics Logistics Solutions will bring to the table,” Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technics.

MAAS Aviation partners with FL Technics to create world class re-delivery centre in Kaunas, Lithuania

MAAS Aviation partners with FL Technics to create world class re-delivery centre in Kaunas, Lithuania

By News

“Combining OEM quality aircraft painting with MRO capabilities offers lessors a multi-specialist experience for asset transitions”
says Tim Macdougald,

CEO – MAAS Aviation

Dublin: March 8th 2021: Following a multi-million Euro investment, MAAS Aviation, recognised experts in aircraft painting and exterior coatings, has opened a new purpose-built paint shop at Kaunas Airport (KUN) in Lithuania, adjacent to FL Technics’ MRO facilities. Combining base maintenance, painting and parking/storage in one location is an attractive proposition for leasing companies. It minimises aircraft ground time which offers economic value and less complexity for lessors.

MAAS Aviation’s ultra-modern Lithuanian facility is a twin-bay narrow body paint shop capable of accommodating up to two A321 sized aircraft simultaneously and is the first of its kind in Lithuania. It grows the Company’s global footprint to eleven best-in-class paint shops and increases their overall MRO capacity in Europe by 40%.

The 40% increase in MAAS Aviation’s European MRO capacity enables the Company to service more airlines and lessors particularly during peak seasons. The MRO repainting sector is normally cyclical with winter peaks and for many years MAAS has juggled capacity constraints during these periods due to demand from its long-term contracted customers. “Demand for our paint shops has always exceeded supply, so this additional capacity supports our growth ambitions and represents a logical next step for us” says Tim Macdougald, CEO – MAAS Aviation. “Our partnership with FL Technics will enable us to combine services for the benefit of airline and leasing company customers that value technologically and environmentally advanced facilities. Together we can offer an outstanding aircraft asset redelivery centre-of-excellence.”

“As we are headquartered in Lithuania we are excited to be in a position to help MAAS Aviation launch their brand new facility in Kaunas.“, states Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO – FL Technics. “Integrations with trusted partners, such as MAAS Aviation, to deliver complex MRO (base maintenance) services, covering nose-to-tail aircraft delivery, painting and remarketing projects is a key focus for us from 2021 onwards“ adds Saulius Bajarunas, COO – FL Technics.

In the build up to establishing this new facility MAAS Aviation has experienced a dynamic growth trajectory surpassing 180% over the past six years. In 2015 the Company had three paint shops in two locations and 130 aircraft were painted. In 2021, MAAS has eleven paint shops (three in Hamburg; two in Kaunas; two in Maastricht; one at Fokker Woensdrecht; and three in Mobile, Alabama) and the Company forecasts painting up to 300 aircraft.

All MAAS paint shops are operated to OEM standards of performance and it is one of the top three aircraft painting specialist companies worldwide. From a lessor’s perspective, combining painting with the other base maintenance capabilities offered by FL Technics offers a streamlined experience, including the management and co-ordination of aircraft redeliveries which is expected to take on an increased relevance post COVID-19 due to the number of aircraft likely to change operator.

Macdougald goes on to say “We consider ourselves to be up there with the best in our industry. We operate well established processes and systems, with in-house expertise in design, project management, fitout & training. We will continue to invest in infrastructure, like we have done in Kaunas, Lithuania, provided the investment can be supported by a credible business case. COVID-19 has not dampened our ambition as we are currently exploring a variety of other expansion opportunities with respected partners which play to our strengths to deliver our world class services across a wider global footprint. The continued growth of MAAS Aviation is a good news story which, let‘s face it, our industry needs in view of what it has been through this past year.”

FL Technics acquires Wright International and takes a foothold in the Canadian MRO market

FL Technics acquires Wright International and takes a foothold in the Canadian MRO market

By News

On 2 December 2020, FL Technics, a global provider of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services, acquired Wright International, a leading independent provider of line maintenance services in Canada. For FL Technics as well as its parent company Avia Solutions Group, this marks an entry to the North American aviation services market.

Wright International provides aircraft line maintenance services up to ‘A’ level checks, A.O.G. support and training for airlines at Canada’s major international airports, including Toronto Pearson, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal-Mirabel and Ottawa. Founded in 1991 and headquartered at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Wright International is a Transport Canada and EASA Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) licensed to service most commercial aircraft types.

The acquisition of Wright International grants FL Technics a foothold in the strategically important North American market and allows it to serve its airline clients across an even wider network of international locations. Together with its subsidiaries, FL Technics today offers line maintenance services at over 70 airports and base maintenance services at 5 locations around the globe.

Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technics commented: “Our investment in Canada starts an exciting new chapter in the history of FL Technics and Avia Solutions Group as well as for Wright International and its founders, who will continue to lead the day-to-day operations. Wright International will join FL Technics’ other subsidiaries – Storm Aviation Limited and Flash Line Maintenance – to provide synergetic and truly global network solutions for their esteemed airline clients.”

“We are excited to partner with an organisation that brings heft, experience and an ambitious vision for Wright International’s future. While we are joining a larger network, it is important to note that FL Technics, like Wright International, is an independent MRO provider whose primary focus is delivering impeccable results for its clients. Today’s agreement is a very positive development for both organisations as well as for the North American aviation market”, said Mario Sturino, President of Wright International.

FL Technics Engine Services quick turn activities’ shop opens doors

FL Technics Engine Services quick turn activities’ shop opens doors

By News

FL Technics, Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) organization, announced that its daughter company FL Technics Engine Services has received Part-145 approval from the Transport Competency Agency of Republic of Lithuania (TCA) approved by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its engine MRO quick turn activities. The new facility will provide airlines, lessors and asset management organizations with high quality tailor-made solutions for aircraft engine life cycle’s optimization.

The quick turn engine shop will allow customers to optimize their engines’ Time on Wing (ToW), simultaneously optimizing and minimizing costs using the full scope of FL Technics Engine Services and FL Technics one-stop MRO services. This brand new fully authorized 3-bay quick-turn activities engine shop will cover three main generations of CFM International CFM56 engines namely CFM56-3, CFM56-5B and CFM56-7B that power the Boeing 737 Classic, Airbus A320ceo and Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG) aircraft families, respectively. FL Technics Engine Services is the first approved Part-145 Engine Maintenance Organization for Turbofan Commercial Engine Repair in Lithuanian History.

“The main advantage of the quick turn activities engine shop is that it can offer and deliver tailor-made solutions to customers, allowing fixing specific engine defects using full-power synergy of OEM Special Procedures and FL Technics Engine Services and FL Technics engine asset management experience. Being located in Kaunas with strong integration to FL Technics base maintenance hangars, warehouses and the logistic infrastructure, FL Technics Engine Services will be able to fix engine problems significantly faster,” stated Valerij Deveikis, the Chief Executive Officer of FL Technics Engine Services.

“FL Technics is extremely pleased with the addition of the brand new fully authorized engine shop. This is a great strategic development for FL Technics and its Kaunas infrastructure. We have significant plans and ideas to improve FL Technics Engine Services and extend business’ capabilities in the near future,” said Zilvinas Lapinskas, the Chief Executive Officer of FL Technics.

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