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October 2022

FL Technics wheels and brakes team secures new contract with Wizz Air

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Increasing demand for flights and new routes within Europe lead MRO organizations and airlines to look for new ways to improve efficiency and sustainability of mutual operations. One such recent development was made as FL Technics and Wizz Air signed an agreement for wheels and brakes solutions to be provided over the course of 5 years.Starting from October, FL Technics will be providing wheels and brakes services for the carriers ever-expanding fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft family. A full scope of services is set up, including repair and overhaul, storage, and supply chain, as well as management solutions. Such an integrated approach allows FL Technics to maximize the efficiency of services and, moreover, significantly contribute to the airlines’ effort in reducing impact on the environment, both by faster turn-around-times and lower flight ranges necessary between the maintenance visits.

Wizz Air, Europe’s fastest growing and most sustainable ultra-low-cost carrier, has strong commitment to reduce the CO2 footprint of operations, including recent signing of memorandum of understanding with European Aircraft Manufacturer, Airbus, to work on the development of hydrogen-powered aircraft. In line with long-term plans, the airline is taking decisive actions to improve efficiency and sustainability of current operations. Such commitment was one of the factors in starting a new partnership with FL Technics as the company set up the most efficient package of wheels and brakes solutions, to support Wizz Air’s flight routes and schedules.

Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technics, pointed out the long-term partnership:

“With sustainable business in mind, our teams have been long-term partners now in a number of business areas including line maintenance and base services. Trust gained over the years lead to this new development and cooperation, to further expand synergies between our organizations.”

FL Technics wheels and brakes solutions is the latest addition to the already extensive portfolio of partnerships between the two companies, as Wizz Air leverages capacity and capabilities of independent global MRO network operated by FL Technics.

Saulius Bajarunas, COO of FL Technics, highlights the importance of such a prominent level of trust:

“Nowadays, every business within the aviation industry seeks trusted and reliable partnerships to endure the challenging and ever-changing environment within global markets. In such context, I am glad and proud that our companies continue to build long-lasting partnerships on multiple levels to develop unique integrated operations, as FL Technics leverages scale, capacity, and capabilities to support such a demanding and fast-growing carrier as Wizz Air.”

Julia Brix, Head of Technical Services for Wizz Air Group, comments: “Wizz Air continues the strong growth path in this decade to offer affordable travel opportunities to our customers. The airline group has an order book of more than 350 A320 family aircraft and needs tailored services for save and reliable operation. FL Technics’ competitive cost base, operational flexibility and high performance quality gave us the confidence to award the Wheels and Brakes business to FL Technics. We are looking forward to starting this cooperation and continue the successful joint growth path in the next years.”

FL Technics unites group MRO operations under a one brand approach across the globe

FL Technics unites group MRO operations under a one brand approach across the globe

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  • A network of independent MRO companies embraces the single brand concept as FL Technics is uniting worldwide.
  • For the organization it is a strategic stage of global integration of the subsidiaries, strengthening FL Technics’ positioning and presence in current and future markets, including Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East.
  • Key brands of the subsidiaries to be unified to develop further operations under FL Technics brand to better leverage commercial opportunities and increase efficiency as well as value to our clients and partners across the globe.

October 19, 2022. FL Technics, a global provider of aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, is taking a step further in the process to consolidate and integrate current operations of the companies within its independent global MRO network. The group is uniting under a single brand approach to strengthen the presence and foothold of operations in Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East.

In past years FL Technics has grown significantly through organic developments, launches of new business lines, as well as mergers & acquisitions. Companies within the group have various levels of capacity and scope of services, each having its own unique strengths as well as access to the organization’s shared global resources, infrastructure, and capabilities. All of which now to be aligned with one brand of FL Technics. “FL Technics is developing at a high pace despite the global and economical restraints, as we continue to grow the business and network of operations worldwide,” Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technics, outlined the organic necessity of such a step, projecting future developments. “Such a pace challenges us to maintain efficiency and consistency on all levels, and proper identity with strong brand presence is one of the ways to achieve this. With a global mindset and open culture within our group I am confident this rebranding will bring clarity and strengthen our foothold in current and future markets we aim to enter.”

Starting 2022 onwards, FL Technics will be the public brand of the group, replacing range of brands, including Storm Aviation (United Kingdom), Chevron Technical Services and Chevron Aircraft Maintenance (Scotland), Flash Line Maintenance (Italy), Wright International (Canada), as well as a number of sub-brands, including FL Technics Engine Services (Lithuania) of FL Technics Indonesia (Indonesia). As a result, the global independent MRO solutions will be positioned and communicated more efficiently and consistently in every market, regardless of the scope of operations.

Such a rebranding project is the beginning of even deeper cultural and social integration of current and future business models, shaping a truly worldwide and multicultural community of FL Technics, with shared virtues and values.

FL technics and Norwegian

FL Technics provides wheels & brakes solutions for Norwegian Air Shuttle’s growing fleet

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FL Technics and Norwegian signed a 5-year contract as the companies’ identified synergies and growth potential in mutual operations. While one of the keys of the successful partnership became an aligned approach towards sustainable and efficient business models, highly focused on reducing impact on environment.

FL Technics invested in Europe-based wheels and brakes business to add a new service to its’ MRO portfolio, with clear competitive advantages of LEAN-based operations, own supply chain solutions, and convenient locations of the facilities, including the wheels and brakes shops. The capabilities and infrastructure allow the company to provide fast and efficient services, granting quick turn-around-times for airlines and operators. As a result, FL Technics contributes to global effort within the aviation industry to reduce CO2 footprint by optimizing delivery times and shortening ranges necessary to be flown in between aircraft services.

In the meantime, one of the measures that Norwegian is taking to improve efficiency of operations and reduce a CO2 footprint is a purchase of 50 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, that are due to be delivered between 2025 and 2028. The Boeing 737 MAX 8 is approximately 14 percent more fuel-efficient compared to the previous-generation aircraft, putting the company on strong footing to achieve its target of reducing emissions by 45 percent by 2030.

Both approaches lead to a perfect match for the two companies as they will reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and in general – will shape a sustainable model of mutual business.

Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technics commented on the new contract:

“LEAN and efficient processes grant better business performance, yet it has an equally important impact on the sustainability of operations. Thus, we are glad that an increasing number of companies are taking this into account while developing business in aviation. Of course, I find it a great milestone for FL Technics as our new business line of wheels and brakes is proving to be competent and capable of providing services for Europe’s leading carriers.”

As significant as this milestone is, it is also a well-planned and projected stage of strategic development, Saulius Bajarunas, COO of FL Technics states:

“Here at FL Technics, we focus on sustainable and consistent business development and from strategic operations point of view I am glad to work with such devote and professional team to deliver results and create long-term partnerships with leading carriers in Europe and beyond.”

With ambitious growth targets of both companies, this new agreement and partnership is set to create a foundation for future developments and potential further integration of the carriers’ operations and FL Technics portfolio of global MRO solutions.

Henrik Fjeld, SVP Technical of Norwegian Air Shuttle also emphasized the importance of this agreement:

“We are pleased to have strengthened our partnership with FL Technics. Their focus on quality control and efficient turnarounds ensures our fleet has the wheels and brakes required to safely serve our customers. From the onset of the tendering process, FL Technics shared our commitment to operate in accordance with responsible, ethical, sustainable and sound business principles, with respect for people, the environment and society.”