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N o w   b o a r d i n g   t h e   d r e a m e r s   a n d   g o - g e t t e r s  

Our vision

Multibillion modern MRO, desired worldwide.

Our mission

Building a safer aviation world through speed, knowledge and innovative solutions.

Continents we’re active in
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850 +
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Core values What drives us?
On our quest, there's little space for delay and doubt. Every decision requires great precision and speed. So we stand by these values, as they have proven a reliable framework on the road to achieving our goals, and ultimately – success in our mission.
We are team players. One for all, all for one – that's the only long term strategy.
We value our tasks and responsibilities. A job well done is something to be proud of.
Continuous Improvement
There's no other way but forward. Innovation comes in different forms, and we value all of them.
We're all in it together, therefore respect each other unconditionally.
Positive attitude
We believe that the outcome of a problem depends on the attitude it's been dealt with.
Benefits You’re our number one asset
Technical trainings in aviation
Personal development trainings
Healthy snacks and drinks
Sports activities
Language courses of your choice
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There’s something for everybody.

We’re a big company. As such, we house some of the best talent from a wide range of professions. From engineering to marketing, from junior to lead experts. If you think you can bring value to our cause, we’re definitely interested in talking. No matter your specialization - get in touch!

Can’t see an opening you like?

Get in touch anyway – we value people, not positions. If we’re a match, there’s a good chance we’ll find you a spot.

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