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  1. This Procedure for visiting UAB “FL Technics” (hereinafter – the “FL Technics”) hangars located in Vilnius and Kaunas Airports by Customer’s Representatives (hereinafter – the “Procedure”) establishes mandatory behaviour and safety requirements applicable in FL Technics Vilnius and Kaunas hangars for the Customer’s representative(-s) (hereinafter – the “Representative(-s)”).
  2. This Procedure is compiled in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. Representatives are personally responsible for the outcome, resulting from ignorance or failure to adhere to the rules.
  3. During the whole visit each Representative must be accompanied by FL Technics employee, who holds a permanent airport permission. Any unaccompanied or arbitrary action of the Representative is forbidden and is considered a gross infringement of this Procedure.
  4. This Procedure is applicable when visiting FL Technics’ hangar located in Vilnius Airport (address Rodūnios kel. 10A, Vilnius, 02189 Lithuania) and FL Technics’ hangar locates in Kaunas Airport (address Oro uosto g. 4, Karmėlava, 54460 Kaunas r., Lithuania).



  1. Visits to the hangars by Representatives are permitted only by prior arrangement with the appropriated Bay Manager.
  2. The checkpoint will conduct a check of personal identification documents and belongings. Each Representative must carry a valid personal identification document.
  3. At the checkpoint, Representative will have to pass through a metal detector gate and, should it beep, they will be checked with additional measures. An aviation security officer may ask you to take off your shoes, which will also be checked with an X-ray machine.
  4. It is forbidden to bring sharp objects, stunning tools, weapons, and other forbidden means.
  5. At the checkpoint, all Representatives must put their personal belongings and outerwear – phones, watches, belts, backpacks, coats, jackets, etc. – into a tray. Taking off rings, earrings, chains or other small jewellery is unnecessary.
  6. At the checkpoint, FL Technics employee will provide Representative(-s) with a high-visibility vest and airport permissions. The airport permission must be worn on a well-visible place throughout the entire visit. At the end of the visit, permissions must be returned to the accompanying FL Technics employee.
  7. Each Representative throughout the entire visit obliges to strictly follow/ comply with:
    • the instructions of the accompanying FL Technics employee;
    • rules specified in this Procedure;
    • airport safety rules;
    • rights and obligations conferred by the temporary permit and not infringe them.



  1. During the whole visit to the hangar all Representatives will be provided with protective helmets and, if necessary, other personal protection equipment (minimum safety cap).
  2. All Representatives must come to the hangar wearing footwear with a closed front.
  3. During the visit at the hangar, the Representatives are subject to various risks, related to dangerous chemical substances, electric current, falling objects, uneven surfaces, etc., thus all visitors must be especially careful and (i) refrain from touching electric equipment, wires, cables, plugs, and devices, or opening electric cabinets, doors or covers; (ii) refrain from misconduct at FL Technics; (iii) refrain from boarding any aircrafts without a permission of a responsible person; (iii) leave (enter) a building only where indicated and permitted; (iv) refrain from passing through any barriers, marked dangerous zones or staying in them; (v) avoid falling from heights and be aware of falling objects, refrain from walking in crane, mobile lifting platform and forklift operation areas.
  4. Be particularly careful while climbing the stairs, do not rush and hold on the handrail.



  1. Filming and / or taking picture at the premises (hangars) or in the territory of the FL Technics, as well as publicizing of any videos, photos or other material by any means is strictly forbidden, unless the explicit consent (for the appropriate scope of actions) of the Bay Manager or other responsible person of FL Technics was received.
  2. All Representatives are responsible for their own safety while walking around the hangars and territory of FL Technics.
  3. All Representatives undertakes not to use either wired or wireless internet (Wi-Fi) connection provided by FL Technics for any kind illegal purposes.
  4. Each Representatives undertakes to maintain full confidentiality with Representatives of other FL Technics’ customers and will not discuss commercial or other terms of any transactions by any means.
  5. The Representative must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substances at the time of the visit.
  6. Each Representative commits no to use physical, psychological, sexual, cultural or any other type of violence against FL Technics’ employees or other Representatives. Also undertakes to refrain from using offensive or abusive language, swearwords and to adhere to generally accepted behavioural standards.



  1. These Regulations are applicable to all FL Technics’ Customer’s Representatives.
  2. FL Technics is not responsible for any harm to the Representatives or any third persons if they failed to adhere to the Regulations herein or the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
  3. The FL Technics’ Customer shall bear full liability and fully indemnify FL Technics from any liability for breach of this Procedures and rules specified herein.