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Base Maintenance

Our base maintenance capabilities in Europe and Asia cover a full spectrum of services, including highly complex projects.

How do we understand it

Following LEAN-based production principles, your aircraft is maintained through our BAY production system. This is a unified, comprehensive set of rules, guidelines, tools, and techniques for more efficient turn-around-time.

Where we operate

London Stanstedt (the United Kingdom) through our daughter company Storm Aviation: 4 narrow-body a/c capacity, 8700 sq.m hangar
Vilnius (Lithuania): 4 narrow-body a/c, 7700 sq.m. hangar & workshop space
Kaunas (Lithuania): 5 narrow-body a/c, 8500 sq.m. hangar & workshop space
Jakarta (Indonesia): 3 narrow-body a/c, 20 000 sq.m. hangar & workshop space
Harbin (China) through our daughter company FL ARI: 4 narrow-body a/c, 15 000 sq.m. hangar & workshop space


  • Scheduled routine base maintenance & overhaul of commercial aircraft (C- & D-checks)
  • Major & minor aircraft modifications
  • Structure and composite repairs, corrosion preventive programs
  • Engineering & maintenance planning
  • Aircraft repositioning, refurbishment, aircraft interior conversion